Work Safety
The best thing I can refer any one to is Work Safe British Columbia. Work safety layout must be part of ones Work Break Down structure. It will speed up the job considerably. The safety meetings their purpose is to provide feed back on what works and does not work!
It is a good point to bring up feed back loops.

It is a management technique, to determine what the outcome is of one’s decisions and manufacturing process!

A well designed feed back loop will allow for improved decision projections in future.
Example! One company selling clothing always designed stores so cash register close to change rooms, Reason so staff can hear what customer is talking about when they are trying on clothing, and keep losses down.

Brilliant planning and cost effective execution. So one has honest and cost effective feed back on one’s product! Building a critical review into the manufacturing process is essential safety meetings is one area where one can get great feed back.
If a manufacturer or construction company wishes high quality, one needs to keep one’s employees safe and happy.For how can one have skilled, experienced personal if they do not stay!

On a general note! Even today is not touched upon very well is repetitive injury prevention. There is lots of help after the injury, but training personal to change their work practice to prevent is not and not taught at the apprentice level.
Take a simple example like maintaining body symmetry. Go to the doctor for physical he can tell right away one is in construction; reason dominant side is over developed. It is not good, later in life this asymmetry of muscles, are cause for pain. The study in this area is inadequate at present.
Same goes for training in setting up work stations, the how’s and parameters affecting it! Ergonomic lay out when setting up a work station is essential.
Some simple examples that will help prevent work strain and repetitive injury. Carrying plywood only on one side of body practice, promote other side. Same goes for shoveling most will only use one side not good! Also if the worker only uses one side of the body his cardio output decreases significantly due to lactose build up in over used muscles on one side.
One other aspect important safety programs at work overlook. Getting the new guy set up! The initial training is critical! For humans like to copy the next guy. The instructors need to be safety first in how it is done and a level of understanding of the work process that is more detailed than a average worker, example the physiological aspects of setting up a job! The instructors themselves often are the cause of bad habits that do not go away! Making the learning curve to short, no follow up on progress, feed back loop needed!