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The purpose of this web page is to provide references, for customers, and students.
I will keep this specific to construction management, for project management is a very broad term spanning many disciplines.
I find that it is both an art form and science, choose it as a profession one will never stop learning due to the complexities of the field and responsibilities. I reference at times industrial engineering for this is part of my training!
I have organized the web page in various topics, that are not order specific. To be helpful in understanding aspects of project management and relating work measurement!

I am trying to explain complex management techniques and work measurement techniques in simple terms as it helps to speed up the construction process. On topic of design and decision making, I spend considerable time on how to involve a group using brainstorming techniques!

This web page will also help managers decide if you need my help! One also gains an understanding of how I approach management problems!

If your business has the following symptoms!

1) Income was higher when the business had fewer employees!

2) Higher employee turnover rates!

3) Problems with pricing!

4)Need help with a Project.

I can be of assistance!